Ubud Day Trip

Ubud Day trip - An itinerary to help you plan your day!

– About Ubud – 

Ubud is one of those places you absolutely must visit when you come to Bali! Since we only had five days in Bali we decided to set up our home base in Seminyak and do an Ubud day trip. Ubud is about an hour drive from both Denpassar and Seminyak. Our driver, Katut, was recommended to us by a friend who has used him the past three times he has visited Bali. Katut is so sweet and kind and only charges 500,000 rupiah for the entire day! If you would like his contact information please reach out to me in the comments below.


Ubud day trip

Ubud is a cultural mecca! I first heard of Ubud’s cultural heritage after reading the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert .The famous medicine man and palm reader from this book passed recently at the ripe age of 102, but his son has taken over for him. Ubud has become a bit touristy and the main road is lined with many shops, restaurants, and people.

– Tegunugan Waterfall 9:30 AM- 12:00 – 

Tegunugan waterfall
Bali Shane

The first stop in our day trip to Ubud was the Tegunugan Waterfall. We left Seminyak around 9:30 AM and were a little nervous the waterfall was going to be slammed with people but luckily we were the first ones there!  You walk through some shops and food stalls to get there and we were greeted by two adorable puppies so I was sold on this waterfall immediately!

We paid a small entrance fee of 15K rupiah and were amazed at the pure size of it! It was rainy season so we couldn’t swim however we took some pretty surreal pictures. We took our time at this waterfall and even climbed to the top to look out above everyone. Afterwards we cooled off with a fresh coconut and a fan and were off to our next adventure, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Tegunugan waterfall puppies
Greeted by puppies at the waterfall!


Waterfall babe
Tegunugan waterfall
coconut at Tegunugan waterfall
Chilling off with some fresh coconut

– Coffee Plantation – 12:30-1:30 – 

Luwak Coffee Plantation
Luwak Coffee Plantation

The coffee plantation was very close to the waterfall and we needed a little energy boost so we decided to go here next. They took us on a little tour of the plantation and we learned how the famous kopi luwak coffee was made. The luwak’s eat the coffee beans and digest the shell. The beans are then ground and harvested. Use your imagination for the rest! I did feel sorry for the little luwaks who honestly look like little ferrets. Shane and I wanted to rescue all of them!

Our sampling also included various teas and flavorings such as vanilla, ginseng, cocao, dragonfruit, and lemon. The plantation was very beautiful and we stayed to take some pictures and buy our parents some of the famous coffee (not sure if we will tell them how it’s made though!)

 Now you’re energized and ready for the monkey forest!

luwak coffee                            coffee plantation Bali



The Sacred Monkey Forest 2:00-3:00

Sacred Monkey Forest, Bali
Monkey at the Sacred Monkey Forest

The monkey forest was everything I thought it was going to be. Crazy monkeys everywhere! You can give them bananas but be very careful as they will steal your belongings! The monkey forest grounds are home to three Hindu temples and were apparently constructed around 1350. To enter is a mere 20,000 rupiah. We were able to leave the monkey forest unscathed and got some great pictures! We were sad to hear that it was going to storm soon as we were in rainy season so instead of going to the Tegalalang rice paddies in the heat we opted to drive forty minutes outside of Ubud’s center to the famous Bali swing.



Bali Swing 4:00-5:00

Bali Swing, Ubud
Bali Swing, Ubud

So I will confess that I have a big fear of heights and it took a lot of convincing to get on the swing even though it was MY IDEA TO GO! Katut hooked it up so we only had to pay for one person instead of two. I’m telling you our driver was great! It was pretty surreal flying over the jungle with nothing but a rope holding you in!

Don’t look down!

Bali Swing
Shane or Tarzan?
Bali Swing
New friends at the Bali swing

After traveling around for about 8 hours we were pretty exhausted and ready for a nap! There are so many places to explore and things to do that I wished we could have stayed a couple days instead of doing an Ubud day trip. Guess we will have to visit Bali again! What was your favorite thing to do in Ubud?! Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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    1. Bali is seriously a dream! It was such a tease we were only there five days. Will definitely be going back 🙂 Monkey forest was LIT!

  1. This looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to go to Bali! As a coffee aficionado I am jealous that you got to try kopi luwak, but I have definite mixed feelings on the coffee because of how the luwaks are exploited for it. Your photos are awesome!

  2. I would imagine and site from Eat, Pray, Love would get rather popular. It still looks beautiful there. The monkey in the sign not getting fed looks a little sad. It’s funny that they put a sad monkey into the signage.

    1. Yes Bali in the rainy season isn’t the greatest but the nice thing is that it isn’t as busy! And I’m glad this helped!

  3. What an amazing day trip! I love reading and learning all about Bali from your blog. Your pictures are beautiful too. Right out of a story! Eat Pray Love❤️

    1. Thank you 🙂 The trip was amazing I can’t wait to go back! And bring you with me!! If you can survive the flight! HAH!

  4. What a great guide to some fun places in Bali. The pictures from Tegunugan Waterfall are amazing. I’d be interested in trying out the coffee after learning how the Luwak process it. I’d be game for the swing. It looks pretty fun and the views are amazing.

  5. Besides the Tegunugan Waterfall and the Monkey Forest, I thought there were shrines and holy sites in Ubud? Did you go to those?

    1. We unfortunately didn’t have time to check out the shrines. You have to pick and choose what you want to do if you only have one day in Ubud but some people choose to see the Goa Gaja elephant shrine or Tirta Empul instead of seeing the waterfall. I recommend two or three days in Ubud to see all it has to offer and to eat amazing food there!

  6. Nice recommendation. Bali is on my bucket list and will refer to your post when planning to visit there. I doubt if I will ever visit Luwak coffee centre but rest all seems great place to enjoy the trip. That puppy is so cute !

  7. I feel so sorry for not visiting Bali when we were in Indonesia. I only hear wonderful stories about it. I would live to try that swing. But I also love coffee plantations, so I can’t decide between the two 🙂 But a really nice trip!

    1. I know!!! You definitely need more than a day in ubud!!! And the volcano trek in the middle of the night is definitely on the bucket list!

  8. Bali is exotic and Ubud is a vital part of the Bali experience. Though there are more crowds nowadays, the charm still endures. The waterfall looks great, loved the puppies too.Heard a lot about monkey forest. The monkeys are generally quite aggressive and one needs to be careful. Good you got theough unscathed.

  9. I’m in Bali right now and would love the contact information for Katut, I really want to go to Ubud before we leave!

  10. Hi Laura! Your Ubud day trip is spectaculur! My sister and I plan to visit tomorrow and would love the contact information for your driver. Do you mind sharing his info? 🙂

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