28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living

It’s crazy to think that I’m in my late 20’s. At work, everyone is getting married, having babies, buying houses, and I’m over here like HEY! Can I just quit my job and travel the world? Everyone takes a different path in life, and my path is leading me down this wild adventure that I didn’t expect, but I’m oh so excited to see where it goes.

27 was such a memorable year for me. I bought a condo in the Short North of Columbus, OH and turned it into one of the most sought after Air Bnb’s in town. I finally found a way to be creative by starting my very own travel blog. Even though I had only traveled one time, I knew that when I had returned home from Thailand that something inside of me had changed. I took a huge risk and decided to turn my Instagram into what I thought was going to just be a side hustle, into an actual full time gig. I fell in love for the first time.

I’m so bubbly, blonde, and nice, that I think I shock people sometimes when I’m like HEY! I’m Laura, I’ve got goals and I’m actually a #BOSS. I’m ready to tackle 28, and I am ready to take some time to reflect on this year of life, and really try and focus on growing as a person this year. Let me know in the comments any important lessons you have learned, or if any of these resonate with you!


28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living


1. Keep An Open Mind

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, if they differ from yours, whatever! Try and be less stubborn and open other’s opinions without being offended.

2. Think before you speak

I used to always interject people to get a word in, and didn’t even realize I did it until my boyfriend pointed it out. This is something I’m still working on, but this goes into my next lesson…

3. Learn to listen and be more aware of your surroundings

Words are powerful, but what is more powerful is the ability to listen.

4. Be Kind!

You attract good energy when you’re kind (it’s the law of attraction!)

5. Don’t complain, adapt.

If the current situation doesn’t suit you, speak up and point out the problem for it to be fixed or leave the situation permanently.

6. Do what makes you happy

Life is short, friend! If you love cooking, hiking, reading, whatever, DO IT!

7. Find your passion, and figure out a way to make it your side hustle or career

Many of us have jobs because hey, we need money! But if you can find a way to work your passion into your job, (or side hustle soon to be full time job) you will love your life so much more!

28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living

8. Don’t go searching for love

If you search for love, it probably won’t find you. Just keep doing your thing and it will happen! And if you feel lost, travel, for it will bring love back into your life!

9. Find a way to stay active

Whether it’s yoga, running, rock climbing, swimming, lifting weights YAY!

10. Go with the flow

If things don’t go your way, just roll with the punches.

11. Stay in touch with your friends.

I’m terrible at this because we have crazy busy lives, but try and reach out to old friends, maybe plan a girls trip!

12. Your personality changes more in your 20’s than any other decade.

Keep on growing into who you’re meant to be, and keep making yourself better.


My favorite Instagram couple @mariefeandjake met in Thailand on a spontaneous trip. You’re only going to be in your 20’s once, so make it WILD!

14. Be spontaneous!

When you’re older with kids and more responsibilities, you may not be able to be spontaneous as much.

28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living

15. Read many books

I recently got into self help books, and I love them! Reading gives you new perspectives.

16. Stay curious

When you discover new things, learn about interesting facts, and investigate the world, you spark your creativity

17. Stay positive

When you think positively you attract positive things, and you also stay healthier by having less stress!

28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living

18. Take your vitamins

They will keep your body healthy and strong

[click_to_tweet tweet=”19. Let go of your past so that it doesn’t ruin your present or your future Holding onto negative experiences does more harm than good. Once you forgive yourself, you are free to embrace and experience the future confidently” quote=”19. Let go of your past so that it doesn’t ruin your present or your future Holding onto negative experiences does more harm than good. Once you forgive yourself, you are free to embrace and experience the future confidently”]

20. Stay grateful and write it down!

This is the law of attraction. Each day write down something you are grateful for, soon more of it will come your way 🙂

21. Be present and live in the moment

This is something that I am terrible at! I’m always go go go, what’s next?! Stay present in the moments that are so beautiful. We are always so caught up in our daily tasks to notice the fleeting moments of life. By living in the current moment, we are able to experience relaxation and freedom.

22. If you’re unhappy at your job, set a goal, and LEAVE

Our twenties are meant for LIVING! Don’t wait until retirement to finally be happy and do what you want – by then you will be old or you won’t even make it till you’re old!

23. Ask Questions

If you want to learn how to do something, don’t waste time figuring out the answer yourself. Get help, or invest in yourself! Take a course!

24. Learn to be at peace when you’re alone

I can’t speak much on this since I’m never alone, but I just got my own place so this will be a good goal for me to set this year. You should be enough on your own.

25. Go to a music festival and dance your heart out

I have met so many amazing, beautiful people at festivals. You are free to be yourself, vibe with your friends, and let loose from reality.

28 Lessons From 28 Years of Living

26. Try Anything once

My biggest regret: I wish I would have taken 6 mo – a year to travel the world before figuring out what I wanted to study in college. I remember always wanting to study abroad, but was worried about money. Now I can’t experience studying abroad because hey – I never tried it! You won’t know until you try something.

27. Don’t compare yourself to others

Live your unique journey!

28. Live authentically

Don’t lose yourself in a role or try and live up to an expectation of yourself. Be true to yourself!


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