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3 Secrets to Scaling to $10k Months

Do you want to scale to $10k+ months? I want to share with you guys the 3 secrets I learned as I scaled my business to consistent $10k+ months


1. Break the Rules


I used to think there was a secret step by step formula to scaling to $10k+ months. I joined two-level high-level masterminds in the last year and I realized that those masterminds weren’t going to get me there.

I had to be in alignment with my 6-month vision.  I had to be living in alignment with what I wanted for my life and business. I reverse-engineered how I would get to my 6-month vision. 

Things that helped me with that was journaling. I journaled about what I spent my time on, what I enjoyed doing, and my limiting beliefs. This helped me get really clear and let go of my limiting beliefs.

By getting clear on what really makes me happy and paving my own path, things started to fall into place! Living in alignment is so important.


2. Recurring Revenue


This is going to take time. 

I used to be so scared of offering payment plans for my programs. I had a limiting belief that people wouldn’t pay me fully if I offered that.

My mastermind program was a 3-month program and I was scared to offer anything longer than that. I eventually offered 6-months to help my clients but this was so scary for me starting out.

I was able to overcome that limiting belief and turned it into something that made me feel secure to know that I had money coming in every single month.


3. Systems and Outsourcing


I kept a running tally of things that I do on a regular basis to determine what I could outsource to a virtual assistant.

A big one for me was help managing my DM’s! This was so helpful for me.

Another thing you want to outsource is things you are bad at. I am not that great at design so that is another thing I love to outsource!

My virtual assistant also helps me repurpose content so I don’t have to spend a bunch of time creating new content. That has been a huge help in letting me focus more time and energy into my clients and creating new curriculum, my zone of genius!

You definitely start with outsourcing just a few things to keep costs low but it will help you so much in scaling to $10k+ months.

I used to struggle with letting go of control and it definitely took some time but it has been amazing to outsource to my virtual assistant.

Once you can embody and implement these 3 Secrets to Scaling to $10k Months, you will hit your goals in no time and feel more at ease with your business knowing that you have a consistent income every month.



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