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5 Ways I Manifested a $20k Month in my Business

Let me first say that I have been working towards this goal since March! It would be crazy to just set out for a goal that is unrealistic. So when I set out to have a $20k I knew that I was a vibrational match to make that happen


1.I Worked My Way Up

In March, I hit a $10k month. That’s when I knew the next month I needed a $12k month, then $15k month, and so on till I hit a $20k month

You need to be a vibrational match for your goal. That means you believe you can achieve this!


2. Set Your Goal


Write down your goal every day! Here is what I wrote to manifest my $20k month.

“Thank you universe so much for allowing me to have a $20k month. It was so easy, it was so effortless, it was so flowy. I felt like I was barely working, it felt so fun, so natural, and it came so easy!”

Goal setting is so important for your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind wants to obey you! When you say it and write it every day your mind will achieve it.

Also, make sure your goal is specific. Being specific is so important!


3.EFT Tapping


EFT Money Tapping was a staple in my daily routine. I wrote out all of my limiting beliefs about why I couldn’t attain a  $20k month.

Comparison was a huge limiting belief for me and the other was that I thought I had to work long hours to achieve this.

EFT Tapping helps you tap those bad feelings out and replace them with good ones. 


“Everytime I show up online I make money.”

“Dream clients come to me effortlessly.”

“The less I work, the more money I make.”

“Everytime I am creative I get paid.”


4. Podcasts


I started listening to motivational podcasts! Manifestation Babe and Amanda Frances’ podcast were my favorites that I listened to and the majority I listened to were about money!


5. Decide

I decided I really wanted a $20k month. I released the pressure on how I am going to do it and the fear around not hitting my goal.

I launched my mastermind again during this $20k month but this time I focused on me and showing up and not having a launch strategy or an email sequence. I only worked a few hours a day and it was my most successful launch to date. My energy was my priority so it felt SO GOOD.



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