5 Ways To Organically Grow Your Instagram Following Faster

Are you sick of all the follow/unfollow happening on the gram these days? I FOR SURE FEEL YOU! Having a stagnant follower number for months on end is super frustrating, but I have been trying out some organic tactics to get my growth and engagement back on track and I’m super excited to share them with you!

Your mission for this week is to set a timer for 20 minutes and implement these strategies every day for seven days! If you like to take breaks from Instagram on the weekends, that’s alright too!

The best part is over the course of this week, by implementing these 5 strategies every day for 7 days, you will have created some AMAZING relationships!!! Are you ready for this? Because these strategies are DOPE!


1.) Hashtags

Think about the types of hashtags your ideal followers are using. Next, go into the explore tab, then the search bar, and type  in some potential hashtags. Look for accounts that seem like-minded, have similar interests, and ask yourself if their followers seem like they could be my followers. Also, make sure to go into recent uses of the tag instead of the top section, because those accounts are most likely larger accounts and won’t notice if you follow them.

Each time you find a hashtag your ideal follower is most likely using, write it down or save it to your notes. Then, what you can do is go ahead and follow accounts that resonate with you. Maybe go ahead and follow around 20 per day manually.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can even send the person you followed a genuine comment or DM to start building your tribe and forming relationships. People are more likely to follow you back if you engage with them!


2.) By Swooping Followers

Think about some of the more popular accounts in your niche. For example, someone that comes to mind for me is @travel_inhershoes. So, what I would do is head on over to her feed and then make a list of usernames who have similar followers to me and who my ideal audience would want to follow too! 


Organically Grow Your Instagram Following Faster | traveltothebeat.com


3.) By Location


You can also find users based on your location – which works EXTREMELY WELL for me at the moment since I am in Bali and that is an epic commonality! You can go ahead and find locations that are near you and where your ideal follower may be visiting. Then, look through the photos with that specific location tag and decide if they are good for you and your followers. Add the locations that work great to your list too! I will show you a time-saving way to use this list in one of the engagement modules. You can follow these accounts manually as well.


4.) Shout Outs

Once you have connected with accounts, meaning they have responded back to you via DM, I like to pay it forward by shouting them out on my Instagram stories! They may repay the favor and shout you out as well. When they shout you out, you are showing up to all of their followers and this will grow your tribe even more!

Shout outs are the best way to grow once you hit 10K followers, so try doing shout outs more often!


5.) It Goes Down In The DM

Okay! What I want you to do each day is to choose 10 accounts that are in your niche,  have a similar following as you, and whose account you actually enjoy and would want to follow. Like three of their photos, comment on their latest picture, and them send them a DM with a very meaningful comment. Don’t just say, “I love the vibes of your feed.” Say something genuine!!!

Use their first name, mention what you really loved about their last post, how they inspired you to try something new, what you taught them. Really form a meaningful relationship.


Once you have done this for a week, you WILL notice a difference. Why? Because you will start to show up on the feeds of their followers feeds. This WILL help you grow. And get better engagement. Instagram is a platform that was originally created to form relationships, not as a visual platform.


With all of the fake likes and fake comments we get these days, I hope that this also helps you to be more thoughtful and present while leaving comments. I know that it has helped me tremendously!!


After trying this out for a week let me know what your results are! I’d love to hear from you!

If you loved these tips, and would like to hear one more secret tactic for how to grow quicker, sign up below for my freebie on REACH!



  • Lindsay

    Hi! I love your tips! But I am confused by what you do with step #2? Do you go to their followers and find people that you want to follow? Also in step #4, what do you mean shout them out in your stories? What do you say about them? Thanks!!!

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