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5 Ways to Sign a Client This Month

1. Mini Training


A great way to do this is in your Facebook if you have one or even on your Instagram!

You could host a 3-day training series and choose a topic that you can dissect into a few different videos. This is a great way to build authority and really serve your audience!


2. Create a Beta Offer


You can create a super niche beta offer and it will be really specific to a topic or strategy.

This is a great way to see how interested clients are, put out an offer out at a lower price, and release the pressure to have a perfect and successful launch.


3. Call To Action

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs do is not include a call to action in their messaging.

One example is, you do a mini-training on mindset. At the end say “ If you want to learn more about mindset, DM me the work MINDSET”

This lets them know you want to help them, you’re available to chat in your DM’s, it lets you know they are super interested in learning more from you!


4. Consistency

When you show up on social media consistently, it lets your client know that they can depend on you! It’s great for the Instagram algorithm but also it keeps your audience warm and ready to buy from you once you put out a paid offer.


5. Focus on Money Generating Activities

My top 3 money-generating activities are serving clients, content, and relationship building.

We need to take care of our current clients because they are our hottest leads for new offers. Content warms up our audience to buy. Lastly, we need to nurture our audience and have that community! 


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