About Laura

Hey there! I’m Laura!

First off, thanks so much for supporting me by being here checking out my site. I’m a Columbus, Ohio based creative, pediatric nurse, and traveler with BIG dreams! I am obsessed with cats, breakfast food, and music festivals!

I have a passion for exploring new places (especially if it involves a beach!), creating beautiful visuals, discovering new cultures, and above all, having the freedom to roam.

This is the place where I will share everything from my travels including my travel guides, the best food, accommodation and places to explore. All of this accompanied by my favorite photos (and now videos) that I take along the way.


Dive Deeper:

Since I discovered the beauty of traveling this past year, I’ve had a hard time staying put. After traveling to Thailand, I decided I wanted to travel full time. I created an Instagram account, monetized it, and exactly one year later I am living in Canggu, Bali!

The beauty of Instagram is that ANYONE can monetize it! After taking thousands of dollars in Instagram courses, I finally cracked the IG code!

Imagine logging onto Instagram for just 15 minutes, connecting with your ideal audience, generating leads, then logging off the platform. The next day, you’ve gained 30 new followers and generated 3 leads!

Imagine collaborating with your favorite brands, staying in hotels in Bali for free, getting free dinners & free lunches. THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE FOR YOU!

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I get asked quite frequently what sort of gear I use to take my photos, so here’s the full list. PLEASE REMEMBER that gear isn’t the key to taking better photos. A lot of practice, hard work and some creativity always go further than anything money can buy. I am by no means an expert, and I watch a lot of You Tube tutorials! The list below contains amazon affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you end up purchasing a product, at no extra cost to you. You’ll pay the same amount as if you visited Amazon directly and you’ll be helping me chase my dreams!

I use a 12″ Mac Book Pro (2017 version) to write, organize and edit my content. I love how lightweight it is! Although there is only 250 GB of memory, so I have an external hard drive to save all of my photos and videos on!

I edit all my photos with Adobe Lightroom & edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro.

I shoot all of my photos, slow-mo videos and B-roll on my Sony a6000. It’s a great compact mirrorless body, and is a great starter camera!

The vlogging camera I use is a Canon G7 x Mark II. This camera is great because it has a low aperture and a screen that allows you to see your face when vlogging. I love the stabilization too!

My lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 for Sony E. I am working on getting a new wide angle lens!

My drone: DJI Mavic Pro (I am not the best drone pilot and I am still learning!)

Action camera: Go Pro Hero 6 (super handy for jumping in waterfalls/oceans/getting crazy!)

Say hi! laura@traveltothebeat.com or @travel_tothebeat .