4 Mistakes you may be making in your DM’s

These 4 mistakes you may be making in your Instagram DM’s are costing you major CASH!


Mistake #1: Not Greeting Your New Followers


It’s really important to greet your new followers! By establishing a connection early on, you are creating a higher chance of them converting to a client later on!


They will be seeing your content on their feed if you guys are communicating through the DM’s.


This also opens the opportunity to reconnect again later on if the conversation goes dead because you’ve already started to build a relationship


Mistake #2: Not asking if they need help


You need to lead a conversation to get your potential client to give up some of their pain points. Once they have opened up to you with their pain points you can offer them help!


Don’t just send them a link to book a call. You need to make sure they first want your help before you just throw it out there!


Quick Tip: Give out free information or free resources to your followers in the DM’s to get them on your email list and to build authority!


Mistake #3: Long Copy and Paste Messages




It is very ingenuine to get a long copy and paste message that looks like you put in zero effort in getting to know them.


Maybe sure you greet them with their name, thank them for following you, and build rapport by getting to know them!


Mistake #4: Not Following Up


When you don’t follow up with people, you are leaving money on the table.


It takes people 5-12 messages before they feel ready to buy from you.


You need to create a leads tracker to organize your leads and create reminders to follow up. You can create 30% more income if you are diligent with following up with your leads.


I created a  6 Figure DM Script for you for FREE!

So you can learn my DM secrets for opening up the initial conversation, how to transition into a biz call, and how to HOLD YOUR AUTHORITY in your DM’s without feeling salesy or annoying!

This is the EXACT framework my clients and I follow with all of our DM’s so that we can keep the conversation flowing without getting off track!

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