Free Instagram Highlight Covers

Hey there, friends! Today I’m going to give you an easy to follow guide on how to make Instagram highlight covers with Canva. These covers are great not only for the aesthetic of your page, but also can be great for highlighting your blog, business, and brand! 

Creating your own story highlights is easier than you’d think, so I have put together this step-by-step tutorial to walk you through it.  Also, if you like the ones I use on my Instagram, you’ll be able to get your own FREE Instagram highlight covers! Just keep reading to find out how!

What Are Highlight Covers?

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

Story Highlights allow you to display your favorite stories on your profile, even after they have been removed from your original story for over 24 hours. 

When someone takes a look at your page, people first look at the number of followers you have, then your bio, and your story highlights are right below that, front and center on your profile. They are a powerful way to choose what you want your visitors to learn about you or your business as soon as they come to your page.Free Instagram Highlight Covers

How To Make Instagram Highlight Covers with Canva

Canva is my go-to for SO many things! It’s free, easy to use, and is the best way to DIY your highlight icon templates. Lets get CREATIVE!

    1. Go to
  1. Create a new design using custom dimensions – 1080px x 1920px. when you upload them to your Instagram profile, you’ll be able to zoom in & out to get the perfect size, but keep in mind that the more you zoom in, the lower the resolution.Free Instagram Highlight Covers3. On the left hand side, select background. You can also purchase a premium background for $1. I chose two different colors and split it! Get crafty, friends!

Free Instagram Highlight Covers4. Once you have selected a background, decide what categories you are going to create. For mine I have chosen Music, Insta Course, and Blog! Choose whatever best represents your brand!

5. Next choose your icons! Canva has an amazing selection of free icons. You can also find icons on Creative Market.  My favorite creative on Instagram, @Lady_enroute also creates custom highlight covers if you would like some extra pizazz to your page! Check out her design shop here!

6. Duplicate the page and change the text and icon for each category.

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

7. Save your highlights by clicking download in the top right corner. I like to download mine as a PNG image.

8. Upload the highlights to your Instagram stories.

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

9. Name your highlight cover

10. Hooray! YOU’RE DONE!

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

Free Instagram Highlight Covers

If you love my highlight covers you can download my collection of Rose/Gold Instagram Highlight Cover Icons absolutely FREE. Be sure to tag me on @Travel_tothebeat so that I can see your creations. 



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XO- Laura


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