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Holy ship – the best music festival cruise


If a mythical unicorn mated with the ice dragon from Game of Thrones, their baby would be dubbed Holy Ship. This is hands-down the most lawless party I have ever attended, and entirely worth the money. Setting sail twice a year from the port of Miami to the Bahamas, this cruise’s vibes are off the charts. Once you are a part of “ship fam”, your entire life will change for the better!

Holy Ship
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The lineup is always stacked with an eclectic mix of everything and anything. I will never forget running to buy Merch in 2016 as Baaur was going B2B with RL Grime, or in 2017 when Getter, Jauz, Party Favor, Ookay, and Herobust performed a six hour pool deck set. And don’t forget the epic sunrise sets – this year Get Real threw a party!Holy Ship is the only place in the world things like this take place!

Another great thing about Holy Ship is the artists always perform twice, so you can always catch your favorite DJ again if you missed them the first time. Artists also hold their own games and contests you can be apart of, like playing Super Smash Brothers with Ngtmre and Slander. You get to be up close and personal with your favorite DJ’s! A running joke between my best friend and I was, “a wild Slushii appears!”

Check out the link below for the 6 hour set that will keep you jamming ALL NIGHT LONG! (Commentary is hilarious in the set btw.)


But it isn’t just the epic DJ collabs that make Holy Ship great; it’s the people you meet. My first sailing in 2016 I met my core group of festival friends simply by standing in line waiting to get on the ship! We still keep in touch three years later through group chat and meet up at festivals and shows throughout the year! I made memories that I simply can’t put a price on. The ship is all about positivity and community. Everyone fits in and just gets it. You will never see someone frowning on Holy Ship. How can you be upset dressed in a ridiculous outfit with your favorite artists in the middle of the ocean with 4000 new best friends?

Holy Ship
REZZ | Photo Credit: Holy Ship!



Speaking of “positivity,” some of you may have heard that Gary Richards, aka “Destructo,” the curator behind Hard Summer and Holy Ship is launching a new ship called “Friendship.” (How fitting!). This four-night cruise, aboard the Celebrity Equinox ship, will set sail from Miami to two private island beach parties in Coco Cay, Bahamas from Dec. 11 to Dec. 15th. May have to sell my soul to hop on this ship! (Check out the legendary Destructo Sunrise Set in the video.)


I got on the ship in 2016 by being invited by someone who had been on the ship the year before. I think that is your best bet. However, you can get on the waiting list, and with the ship being bigger you have a pretty good shot at snagging a ticket! My best friend was able to jump onboard this way.  Good luck and Happy shipping!!!

Holy Ship
Holy Ship 2017
Holy Ship! The best music festival cruise- traveltothebeat: Why you need to add Holy Ship to your festival list!


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