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How To Become an Instagram Influencer in 2019 – Tips, Tricks & My Personal Story!

The hottest thing in the social media world right now is influencer marketing, am I right?

Welcome to 2019… a day in age where you can make money (and a lot of it!) by simply documenting your day-to-day life and in turn connect with your ideal audience. The influencer marketing spend budget is set to 2.38 BILLION dollars in 2019. Makes sense why so many people want to become an Instagram influencer!



My name is Laura, and 1 year ago I was stuck in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me, and I didn’t even realize it.



I had a normal and happy childhood. I excelled at school and played varsity soccer and basketball all four years of high school.


In high school my dad lost his job a couple of times and we never did family vacations because money was tight, so I went into college knowing that I wanted to have stability. I chose nursing as my career path without having a reason why, other than the fact that I was going to have a stable job right out of college, there was room for growth, and I was going to be helping people.


Fast forward four years and I didn’t even KNOW that I was unhappy. I wasn’t even AWARE of it. All I did day in and day out was clock in at 7 PM and clock out at 7 AM and all the while I was just distracting myself with other things so I didn’t even have to realize where I was.


I discovered music and festivals, and I loved them because of the connection I felt to the people I met there and the freedom I could TASTE but not actually LIVE. I ended up falling in love, and I bought a one bedroom condo and turned it into the most popular Air Bnb in Columbus, OH. My then-boyfriend invited me to Thailand and it was there that everything cracked open and caused me to SCREAM. I couldn’t take this any longer. I knew the day I returned home that I had to travel full time.


As someone who is an action taker I started an Instagram account the day I returned home. When I see something I want, I go after it with all of my being. I quickly learned how to scale my Instagram so that I could have that freedom that I had been crying out for. I started to work part time as a nurse and I took a huge pay cut and EVEN THEN I couldn’t face quitting and walking away from that nursing job I hated because I was TOO SCARED. I WOULD HAVE NEVER QUIT!


I just kept distracting myself with my Air Bnb business, drinking, and hanging out with my boyfriend day after day without even paying attention to how stuck I felt. I just kept finding ways to hide that piece of myself until I got FIRED and that was the moment when everything came tumbling down and I decided that this is the life I am going to pursue and I am NEVER going back.


Ever since then, I have been living in Bali building my business, growing my Instagram, and consistently collaborating with my favorite brands and teaching others how to build a successful Instagram account around connection and impact. This is what I was meant to do all along. I don’t want you to waste years of your life. YOU DON’T HAVE TO. I am here to show you how to do it. I’m here to show you how you can WAKE THE F*** UP, and connect what you really love and take action towards designing a fulfilling life that you love the same way that I got here, minus all the years of distraction and time it took me to get here. You don’t have to go through that pain.

Keep reading to find out how you can become an Influencer and create an impact!

How to become an instagram influencer |
Top I got from @vergegirl for my Tulum trip!

How To Become an Instagram Influencer in 2019

The thing is, you don’t need thousands of followers to be an influencer! Micro influencers are actually where it’s at in 2019. So what exactly is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is an account with anywhere from 10-100K followers. Micro influencers are becoming more popular now as brands are starting to realize that the micro influencer has more reach and engagement. If you don’t have 10,000 followers yet, DON’T WORRY! Brands will work with you even if you only have 1,000 followers, as long as you have great engagement. REMEMBER! Profitable > popular!

If you stop looking at your follower number, and start to think about how you can influence others, this will help you realize some core strategies on how to become an influencer. 

I’m going to dive into 7 strategies on how to become an Instagram influencer below!

Step 1: Define Your Brand

Branding is a long term strategy and your foundation. Everything flows from your brand and your why. Why are you growing your Instagram? What is your why statement? Mine is because I want to travel more and explore the world. I want to share my experiences with others who have the same passion. I want to inspire others to live a lifestyle they love.

All of your content, your captions, everything stems from that. Be authentic!! When brands are searching for people to use, they can tell right away if you are authentic or not. You need to have an authentic brand that aligns with your content and your captions! It is obvious if you aren’t being you.

how to become an instagram influencer |

Step 2: Stay REAL!

The more unique and authentic you are, the more success you will have in growing your tribe and securing brand collaborations! Think about what you and your brand represents… If you only choose to work with brands that align with your values, then your followers will trust you and you will have higher credibility.

Brands want to work with YOU, the micro-influencer, because your followers are genuinely interested in YOU and what you have to share. We need to start building up your tribe and build up your loyalty! Don’t focus on the number, because you want an engaged audience that trusts you.  


This is one of the best ways to become relatable to your audience. People want to see themselves through you! If you come off as perfect, people don’t see you as someone they can relate to. You need to BE REAL! I want you to be courageous. You need to ditch any insecurities you have and get ready to BARE IT ALL. The top social media influencers today are the ones that let their audience in. Share your ups, downs, goods, and bads! Be honest and open and truly yourself – this is how people will connect with you and in turn come to know, like, and trust you!

Ask yourself, what is something you would love to talk about, but you’re scared? Some of my most vulnerable posts about my breakup were my most engaging! Some of my favorite ways to get vulnerable on Instagram include:

  • Sharing your goals
  • Sharing your struggles
  • Sharing your fears
  • Sharing your frustrations


Step 4. Find The Right Contact

Once you have established your brand and built trust and loyalty, it’s time to find the companies that align with your values! My favorite way to do this is via the DM! I like to open with the words “quick question!” with all lower case letters because it sparks curiosity and gets the DM opened. Here is an example of a DM that I sent to Biolage Matrix:

“quick question!”

I have been using Biolage products my whole life and swear by them. I love the new acidic milk rinse and would love to propose a collaboration! My followers send me DM’s regularly asking what products I use for my hair!

Could I please have the name and email for your head of PR?

Thanks so much!


BOOM! In this short and sweet DM, I mentioned the value of working with me – that my followers would be interested in the product, and I also mentioned that I personally love the brand as well. They responded promptly with an email for me to send my pitch to!

(I diver deeper into more hacks and strategies to landing the right PR email in my Influencer Lab course!)

Step 5. To Send A Media Kit Or No?

I personally would not send a media kit UNLESS they ask for one! I would only include *quantitative stats in a media kit, such as engagement rate, monthly views, and growth from month-month. The most important analytic brands go by is REACH, so definitely include this! 

Reach is the amount of individual people who will get to see your post. Each time a REAL person engages on your post, that post could potentially turn up on their followers explore page, which gets you even more reach and their followers could engage on your post, then it could be shown to their followers explore feed, etc. The more reach you have, the more successful the post is and the more successful you are.

If a brand does ask for a media kit, you can easily make one for free with Canva, which is what I would recommend, or you can buy one off of Creative Market or Hip Media Kits. 


how to become an Instagram infuencer |
Free media kit template from Canva

Step 6. What To Include In Your Email Pitch

  • Catchy and short subject line (“Collaboration with Travel Blogger”) – I like to use the word collaboration because then both parties are mutually benefitting.
  • Direct links to your Instagram/Blog/Social media channels
  • Quantitative stats – engagement rate, monthly views, growth from month to month
  • You want it to be short, sweet, to the point – 3 paragraphs max, 3 sentence paragraphs. I have made the mistake of writing too long of an email pitch. Ain’t nobody got time to read that!
  • A genuine compliment about the brand is always a bonus! Most of the brand deals I have landed I have already purchased a product in the past and mentioned that. – This Instagram post led me scoring $400 in clothes from Fortunate One Store! 
  • Be genuine!! If it looks like you copy pasted a template from somewhere, they won’t even read it.
  • Have a specific idea in mind! Brands don’t want to have to come up with the ideas. Use your creativity! For example, in my pitch to Ecuadane, a blanket company from Peru, I would say, “I am traveling to Bali next month and I am hiking to the top of Mount Batur. I would love to do a shot with the blanket as the sun is rising from the top of an active volcano!”
  • If you are new, don’t focus on your numbers. You can say something like, “my Instagram account is new, and I haven’t partnered with any brands yet. This means my audience really values my opinion! my follower number is growing by __ %/month and my engagement rate is ___.”

Step 7. Skyrocket Your Engagement!

As I mentioned above, brands are more inclined to work with micro influencers because they have more reach and engagement! If your engagement needs a makeover, friend I’ve got you!! One of the best ways that we can increase our engagement is by figuring out our values, then – figuring out who your ideal audience is, so that you can create content that speaks directly to their soul. I recently hosted a LIVE masterclass where I teach the 3 secrets to instagram success in 2019! 

If you want to know the exact strategies I used to scale my Instagram to 28K followers in a single year, then click the link below to register for the Masterclass!




I hope this guide was helpful in teaching you the in’s and out’s of how to be an influencer on Instagram. For any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a DM @travel_tothebeat. 

If you’re looking for a Facebook Community to join that is geared towards REAL connections, please hit up Instagram Q + A Community!






how to become an Instagram Infuencer |


  • JOsah

    It’s Very amazing!!! I’m a micro brand influencer from Nigeria, this was really helpful! And i hope to Influence for a brand very soon!❤️

  • Simon Zaku

    Such an amazing post with helpful tips and strategies. Of course everyone wants to grow up on instagram and become influential but thing is most people do it all wrong. Great story too 🙂

    Simon Zaku, Blog Manager at GetSocialGear.Com

      • Nurul Dwi LARASATI

        Thanks Laura. You blogpost ia awesome. Make me more sure to build up my IG account.

        I love your statement this ” If you don’t have 10,000 followers yet, DON’T WORRY! Brands will work with you even if you only have 1,000 followers, as long as you have great engagement.”

        If you don’t mind follow me @nurul_gie.

  • Nada Nouraziz

    Hey Laura,

    I’ve just came across your website and I’m already obsessed. I just love the way you write _ you speak your mind and I love your authenticity and your honesty. It’s been 6 months that I started blogging and since then I never stopped searching on the internet on ways on how to improve my blog, and I found this post very helpful and simple.
    I’m going to subscribe right now 🙂 😀 <3
    Please check out my blog and tell me what are your thoughts :

  • Philip Nolte

    Great and insightful post, Laura! Thanks!

    Just one question I have. After you’ve defined your niche and decided to create content, what is the best strategy to start gaining followers? Do you start following people with the hopes to get them to follow you?
    Do you start with your friends?

    And do you have to create a few posts and then start following people?

    I look forward to your feedback.

    • Laura

      Hi there!!

      I currently grow with this method:
      Find a hashtag in my niche, then like and comment on 25 posts.
      Next, go to your explore feed and like and comment on 25 posts.
      Do this every day:) I also make sure to post to my IG stories every day, SHARE VALUE, and respond to all comments. Let me know if you have any more ???? – I also have a free Instagram course –

  • David Grace

    Hi laura. i’m where you’ll call below scratch but i’m willing to work it out and see where it leads.. thanks for the tips

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