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How to Create Instagram Content

Is this you?⠀

You wake up to turn off your alarm and you immediately see notifications, client voxer messages, and texts from your friends and family. After responding to all of that, you go and check your latest Instagram post to see how many likes it got.⠀

As you’re doing this, you start to respond to your DM’s. Then you want to check out your fave IG accounts, you get stuck scrolling, and NOW you’re in information OVERLOAD and two hours have gone by 

This used to be me!!!!⠀ Here’s what you can change:


First, when you go to sleep, turn your phone on airplane mode. That way, when you go to turn off your alarm in the morning, you won’t see a bunch of notifications and be tempted to scroll and consume.⠀

Put together a high vibe morning routine that works best FOR YOU ⠀

Mine is:⠀

  • Play my “high vibe Playlist. I play Niykee Heaton and Alina Baraz to channel my alter ego⠀
  • Wash my face, clean my room and kitchen ⠀
  • Do my EFT Tapping + Gratitude ⠀
  • Call my boyfriend who always makes me feel so freaking amazing
  • Sometimes I will listen to a podcast if I have time >> usually manifestation babe. But usually, I don’t have time in the AM.

Just by doing this, it sets me up for lots of inspired thoughts. The content ideas will come naturally to me.⠀

I LOVE creating my content based on intuition, nothing forced or planned.⠀

I used to plan all of my content out on a Sunday, but now I like to create as I go and as the inspired thoughts and ideas flow through me.⠀

Sometimes I will be riding my motorbike and I literally had to pull over and whip out the notes on my phone to type what I’m thinking.


I didn’t plan to launch a freebie OR do a masterclass. They were just inspired ideas that flowed through me and that FELT GOOD⠀

Your business shouldn’t ever feel “forced.” If it does, it may mean that you are out of alignment and you need to tap back into yourself and tune out some noise.


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