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Laura’s Goals For 2019

It blows my mind how far I have come since the beginning of 2018! In January I embarked on my first world trip to Thailand. If you have ever been to a place like Thailand, you know how life changing that trip can be. After this experience, I learned so much about the world and about myself through travel that I wouldn’t have learned in school or at work. Now, all I want to do is travel!

This past year I surfed in Bali, watched fire shows in Thailand, danced my ass off at Miami Music Week, climbed to the top of Angel’s Landing, ate donuts at VooDoo in Portland, explored castles in Spain, made my way back to Bali on my first solo journey where I met so many creatives pursuing their passions, and I’m ending my year off in Tulum, Mexico. I learned so much about the world and was taught so many lessons that a job or education could never teach, like self education, or how to think about thinking. Travel is such a unique thing. I now crave unconventional lifestyles and different ways of living that I wasn’t exposed to in the past.

This year was also one of the toughest for me and we all know that endings are harder than beginnings. However, after the end of a 2 year relationship I feel much more independent than I have for a while and I’m ready to embrace every opportunity that comes my way.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”“The only risk in life is not taking any risk at all.”” quote=”“The only risk in life is not taking any risk at all.””]

I am building my own business in 2019 because I want to be able to live a location independent lifestyle and inspire others to do the same! It’s going to be SO tough. But I’m going to do it. So here are my goals for 2019. I’m setting the bar high.



  • 25,000 page views per month so that I can apply to Mediavine Ads (I currently have 2,000)
  • 10,000 people on my email list (I currently have 900)
  • Make $1,000/month off of affiliate sales from my blog
  • Write at least 1 blog post/week
  • Get at least 5,000 people in my Facebook group – Instagram Q + A Community
  • Start creating travel VIDEOS alongside photos. I’ve got my Canon G7x Mark II ready to go for this! Can’t wait to start Vlogging and learning the in’s and out’s of Adobe Premiere
  • Have 75,000 followers on my Instagram account @travel_tothebeat
  • 1 Million views/month on Pinterest (I’m at 100K)
  • Get sponsored by 2 big brands
  • Read 20 books



  • Launch The Influencer Lab – my signature course. I want to sell at least 15 courses/month for 2 months until I master Facebook Ads and then I want to sell at least 40 courses/ month for the rest of the year
  • Make at least $2,000/month off of affiliate sales from Summit Affiliate
  • Run social media for at least 4 different businesses each month (FB, Instagram, Pinterest) with my new social media agency Salty Social Co
  • Keep my Air Bnb running smoothly
  • I want to make $100,000 this year


Now that I am free to travel whenever I want where ever I want, I have big goals for 2019. Let’s see how many of these destinations I make it to!

  • Holy Ship 2019 to the Bahamas (January)
  • Move to Bali for a couple months (February)
  • Singapore (will most likely go here once to extend my visa in Bali)
  • Phillipines
  • Egypt (spring)
  • Jordan (spring)
  • Yacht Week Croatia (July)
  • Tulip Festival in Amsterdam (April)
  • Prague (April)
  • Australia and New Caledonia
  • Burning Man (August)
  • Portugal for my birthday (BPM Festival) (September)
  • France to visit Lola
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia
  • Maybe Thailand again (get scuba certified this time!!!)

I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2019 and where you would like to travel! Let me know in the comments below 🙂

XO- Laura


  • Sammy Kovalenko

    Love all your travel goals for 2019!! So many awesome destinations! Can’t wait to see you grow too. 🙂 You are such an inspiration!!

    My goal for the new year is to get my Instagram to 20k followers, get my website up and start blogging, publish 2 e-books, and create a YouTube channel too!! Also a major goal is to get fit AF!!! Epppp can’t wait. 2019 is OUR YEAR!!

  • Kamari

    Those are some really great goals Laura! And I know you’re gonna crush them! I got really excited for you reading this post as I could feel the passion and drive that you have. 2019 is going to be your year! xD

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