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Mindset Shifts You Need to Close More Sales

I’m going to walk you through the mindset shifts that I had to make in order to close consistent sales. 


A lot of my clients, before we started working together, struggled with how to actually close their sales because they were getting a lot of objections such as “not right now,” “maybe later,” or just struggling just with overall mindset and confidence around sales calls. 




Think about the time it took you to learn everything you know. Then think about how much money you spent on courses on coaching to get to where you are.


How valuable is that?


As a coach, you are ultimately saving your clients a lot of time. Think about like, maybe it took you like one year or two years or three years to get to the transformation that you had. Now, you can teach them how to have that transformation in as little as 90 days, depending on how long your program is.


So It took me two years to get to where I am. Now, I have just put that into like a three-month program where I can just skyrocket people’s growth in a much faster way. So, you’re saving people time and time is the ultimate resource.




When we’re born to this earth like we are born worthy of everything we’ve ever wanted in our reality. It’s our birthright to be wealthy and abundant. As we grow up, society programs us in a certain way or we learn something from our parents or our friends. 


I really focus on energy. That’s why a lot of people work with me just to be in this high energy container. People want to pay me because they need my energy to to skyrocket their growth. You know what I mean? So energy is really important. You need to have the energy that you deserve these clients, money, and everything you want to come your way.




Know that your audience is resourceful! There’s a statistic that says that only 7% of your audience actually cannot afford your services, which means that 93% of your audience actually can afford your services. 


Let’s say we’re on a sales call and the price of our program is $5,000. Your potential client says “No, that’s too expensive.” And then you really feel needy and you end up discounting your program. Then you get into the habit of discounting your program all the time.


If you truly believe that your audience is resourceful, they’re going to find the money. They’re going to take out a loan or put it on a credit card.


There’s no need for you to discount your programs ever because you just have this full belief of knowing that your audience is just resourceful as fuck.


There have been so many times when I’ve been on a sales call with someone and they said they don’t have the money. Instead of trying to discount my program, I’ll work with them. I’ll say, “Well, okay, how can we make this work because I believe that you are resourceful. I believe that this is truly going to transform your life. How can we figure out how you can make this work?” Then people will go and figure it out, they’ll talk to their Grandma, maybe random money will come in from the universe because when they really want something like the energy is gonna align for them to make it happen.


Believe 100% that our audiences are resourceful because they are. 




Stand in front of the mirror and say “The price of my program is $5,000, the price of my program is $5,000, the price of my program is $5,000.” Say it over and over and over until it is word vomit.


I used to be so scared to state my price. I was like “The price of my program is $4,000 but I also have payment plans and it also will give you this and this and this…” 


When you’re on a sales call, just say “the price of my program is $5,000 would you like to pay in full or do a payment plan?” 


That’s really important because when we’re on our sales call, the first like three quarters of the sales call or the enrollment call you are selling them. Then when you’re actually closing is when you’re saying the price. What a lot of people will do is they’ll sell, sell, sell, and then the person will be sold. They’ll want the program and then you say the price, which is the closing portion of the sales call. 


The mistake often made is going back up to the selling part. Then you’re opening up more questions in that person’s mind to change their mind. 


So practice in front of the mirror saying your price. Then don’t go back up to selling more or talking more. 



There have been many times when people have told me no on a sales call, and I used to like really, really take that to heart.


Now, I just know that it’s this or something better. Maybe, it wasn’t meant to be and I always know that my dream client is just around the corner. There have been many times where someone has told me no on a sales call. Then right around the corner, my dream client signs with me and it’s my soul-aligned client. It was always meant to be so always know that everything happens in divine timing, and you just have to have this full faith that it’s this or something better.




It’s important when we’re doing sales calls to be asking really deep questions to figure out the kind of leverage of why they want your services. What I started doing on my sales calls is, I started asking for questions to really confirm that they were sold. 


The first question that I would ask on my sales call after I figured out their pain points, their goals, and their vision. I would say something like, “does this sound like something you want to do?” I’m getting them to say yes or no because, at the end of the sales call, we want them to give us a yes or no answer. 


We don’t want them to be like “I’ll join next round” or a “maybe,” or give us an objection, we really want to prepare them to say either yes or no. We want to coach them into making a yes or no decision. So asking them, “does this sound like something you want to do?” And then if they are, I usually can tell if someone is super, super excited!




My next question will be, “what excites you the most about the program?” Then they tell me what they’re most excited about. After I explained what the program’s about, I’ll also say, do you have any questions about how it works? And then I opened the doors for them to ask any questions. 


By this point, they’re begging me to tell them what the price is, but sometimes that isn’t the case. How I transition into saying the price is asking, “would you like to hear about the investment for the program?” And then they say yes. By this point, I’ve gotten them to say like a series of yeses. So again, I’m preparing them to say yes.




A lot of the clients who I’m working with are working with me strictly for energy. If you come onto a sales call and you’re not confident or slouching, that is not going to get you, someone who is going to be 100% sold on you, You need to be like sitting up straight, have a ton of energy, be so excited about your program, and build rapport. I really like to make my sales calls seem like I’m having a conversation with them. 


So I’m asking them deep questions and truly listening. I give them my energy and they can feel that. It’s about aligning your energy and just having full belief it’s this or something better. Everything happens in divine timing. If they say no, it’s not a “no,” it’s just a not yet.


Have the mindset people want to pay me, my energy is amazing. It’s my birthright to be abundant and to be wealthy. I deserve this.


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