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5 Key Steps to Getting Ahead In Your Online Business During Covid-19

Are you stuck at home drowning in uncertainty, fear, and lack of discipline or motivation? I hear you. And you’re not alone.

Two weeks ago I was having a complete and utter MELTDOWN. One morning I would wake up completely fine, ready to start the day with excitement and drive. 24 hours later, I would wake up with an anxiety pit in my stomach and I couldn’t even bring myself to work on my business. I would scroll social media for hours. Then the day would finish and I was no closer to my goals and no closer to serving my audience to my full capacity during these troubling times.

I KNEW that something internal had to change. Your internal world drives your external one, after all. And so I set out on a quest to heal my internal world so that I could continue to show up as a leader for my clients and my audience.

If this is something that you’re struggling with as well, then I’m coming at you with FIVE key components that are going to get you through the next 90 days. I’m sharing with you exactly how I was able to pull myself out of the darkness and into light and love.

Traveltothebeat | Getting ahead in your online business during coronavirus

Head down time to focus.



You can commit to your business and the opportunity for growth and your goals, or you can commit to the fear.

I am in a sales coaching program with Kate Perkovic, and we were lucky enough to have a guest come on and teach about mental health as entrepreneurs. His name was Ty Hicks, and what he taught on really hit home.

No matter how powerful your sales systems are, if you aren’t confident in yourself, you’re not going to get results now.” – Ty Hicks

We may be hearing a lot of no’s right now. Many people are saying they are scared to invest in us and in our services. Maybe we are losing clients. And this may be causing us to sit back and not take the actions that we need to be taking because it’s fucking up our MINDSET in order to close sales in our business. If you operate from a shitty mindset, you will take shitty/fearful actions. 

Results come from taking ACTION. But if we aren’t CERTAIN and CONFIDENT in our ability to change lives as a coach, then it’s going to be difficult to take action right now.

I know there is no certainty in regards to what is going on in the world, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have certainty in our business. We need to get into a positive and abundant mindset that there IS certainty in our business and that everything is going to work out. People are looking for certainty. They are looking for connection. And they are looking for LEADERSHIP. You need to be certain so that your client can be certain in YOU and inspired by YOU. 

Making sales is actually not that hard. It’s putting 100% effort into our content, it’s having conversations with people, it’s getting people onto a sales call, and closing it with confidence because we know we can help this person.

So why aren’t we putting 100% into our business right now?

It may be because we are fearful and we don’t have a sense of certainty that things are going to be okay. And it’s this lack of certainty that is not allowing us to show up 100% in our business and make sales. So how can we fix this uncertainty that we may be feeling?

Let’s talk about what the fuck is actually going on. 

1.) The virus

2.) Panic/media

3.) Economy

We can agree that the virus can be fatal. My uncle is currently in the hospital right now in the ICU. SO use your common sense. Don’t go outside. Supply up. Social distance. This is a flu that nobody has immunity to this and we don’t have enough hospitals. That problem is real and it’s pee your pants scary.

Next we have the media. This fear and hysteria is lowering people’s immunities and our bodies are going into fight or flight. It’s really important to tune your focus on people who inspire and light you up. I’ve been listening to a LOT of Manifestation Babe’s podcast. I also downloaded the book The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. It’s important to tune out the news, stop going on Facebook, and do lots of inner work. Tell your mom to stop messaging you about the news. We are being bombarded by information and noise and it gets under your skin. 

Last, but most important, we have the ECONOMY. The economy was heading towards a crash in 2021 but it’s happening now. The US is PUMPING MONEY. My mortgage has gone down. I just received a $583 escrow check in the mail. The US has DOUBLED the bailout of 2008. Everyone is getting free money. THIS was going to happen regardless. So when will the economy bounce back from this? Probably not for a long while. 

I was listening to a podcast episode where Scott Oldwell was a guest on Amanda Bucci’s “Bucci Radio” and the following quote gave me the certainty I needed to know that things are going to be okay for those of us with online businesses. We just have to step up our game as leaders.

“If you’re an online coach/mentor – you will see the largest increase of this industry happen in the next 12 months. FIVE TO 30 TIMES THE SIZE IF NOT MORE. (coaching, mindset, increasing consciousness, marketing, career transition)” – Scott Oldwell. He also mentioned that if you’re an entrepreneur THIS IS THE TIME TO DOUBLE DOWN.

We have the opportunity of TIME on our hands. Time to get ahead of everyone else. I’ve been getting on a lot of enrollment calls lately, and many are using this extra time to get ahead. 

You are in a really good position right now because you have an online business. You just need to have that certainty that it’s going to work out because it’s going to. It’s just facts. That certainty in yourself is what’s going to allow you to show up in your business. 

Step 2: Changing Your Marketing. 

According to Forbes, online media consumption has increased by 70% due to COVID-19. We need to be showing up and being visible. It’s okay to not show up every day if it’s draining you. BUT the people who are showing up consistently, having conversations with people, empowering people, and are being supportive and visible, are the people who are going to get ahead and make sales. 

So how should you be marketing your program?

First things first, no one is thinking about freedom. People need mindset help. Sales help. Marketing help. Help transitioning online.


One of my past fitness clients changed her Instagram bio to “ helping personal trainers transition to online during COVID19 and hit $5K months FAST” and she made $12K in 3 days. 

Think about adding more 1:1 access to you. More support calls. Free discovery calls. Add more length to your program. Allow for longer payment plans.  Do more live streams. People want to feel CONNECTION and have COMMUNITY. 

But don’t be afraid to sell or market at all. Because there are people out there who are seeing this as an opportunity and have the money to invest. Ultimately, we want to be injecting as much cash into our business now as possible.

Besides getting visible, KEEP HAVING CONVERSATIONS. One thing that Craig Ballantyne says is that “Conversions happen from conversations.” Talk to people via DM’s and ask how they are doing and how they need supported. Asking, would you like some help? Start conversations with people. IF you are truly and fully present, and you listen to what they need and you pay attention and allow them to feel seen and heard, and they connect with you, you’re allowed to invite them to a call by asking, “Would you like some help with this? 

Then remember to FOLLOW UP with people! 

I think it’s important also to also share your VALUES right now. I’ve been empowering people instead of saying “I’ll help you get to $10K months” which may not resonate as much with people right now. I’ve been talking about how JOY is my priority. My success is based on JOY. I will help you have freedom from stress and build a business that brings you JOY. People want to feel connected to your beliefs, your values, you showing up, feeling like there is something MORE. This is when communities are built. 

At the end of the day, we are blessed with time. Think about tackling a new platform. I’m focusing on scaling my Linked In, Pinterest, and now re-growing my facebook group during this extra time. Can you take this time to not only make more sales in your biz, but also put in the work and consistency so in 3 months your business has consistent lead flow from another platform?

Step 3: Habits + self care

You need to make sure your mental health is solid in order to stay thriving. Because if you’re not okay, then it’s really hard to serve your clients. Self-care is SO IMPORTANT right now to in order to keep us grounded.

Raise your hands if you’re guilty of this…

You wake up. You immediately open Instagram to see if you’ve received any DM’s. Next you check your texts (bad news), you check your email, and then you get curious.. “Hmmm… I wonder how many cases of the virus are there in my area now?

The human brain THRIVES off of drama and fear. Next you go into a thought spiral. And unfortunately, your whole day is ruined.

Adding meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations, visualization, and journaling have all assisted in bringing me back to myself and into the loving energy of the universe. This is the most important work that we can do right now to stay ahead in our businesses.


Meditation has been extremely good for calming my anxiety. Here are a couple meditations you can do:


Focusing on what you do have and being grateful for that is the most important work that we can do. If you’re only focusing on the negative, you’re going to attract more of that into your life. What you focus on you receive. Everything serves you.


Each day, write down 5-10 things you are grateful for in a notebook to fill up your cup.

Positive Affirmations

What you speak out loud, your subconscious brain doesn’t know the difference. Therefore, if you keep repeating to yourself thoughts like,  “everyone has lost their job so no one can afford me.” Then this will become a BELIEF. It’s now a truth in your reality, but it started as an affirmation.

What if instead each day you tell yourself when you wake up:

People fucking love to pay me. 

I am strong and I am a leader and I am successful.

The more fun I have the more money I make. 

There is so much time and opportunity for growth. You repeat these positive affirmations over and over and they become a belief, which becomes an action, which makes you sales. 

The two best times to tell yourself affirmations are right when you wake up and right when you go to bed. This is when your brain is in a theta wave state, which means you can tap into your subconscious mind. I recently completed the 21 day money manifestation challenge with Manifestation Babe and this challenge was so so good for my mindset and focusing on all of the abundance in the world. If you’re looking for a really transformational 21 day challenge, check it out on her podcast. Just scroll back to 2017. 

There is an app I recently discovered called “Affirmation Reminder” and you can type your affirmations into the app and they will pop up on your phone at random times throughout the day!


Instead of thinking thoughts like,  “I need the money I need the money OMG money.” I started to visualize the women who need my help. I focused on THEM. I Visualized 10 women on the zoom screen while doing a group coaching call. I started focusing on SERVING. 

I also released any attachment to the outcome. I’ve been listening to both Amanda Frances and Manifestation Babe. What I learned from their podcasts and teachings is that the HOW you make money isn’t your job. So when you launch a coaching program, and you set an income goal and release the attachment to that, you just show up and you do the work. You visualize the people you want to serve.

The universe is in charge of putting that stream of thought into somebody else’s mind to the point where they think,  “hmm… I’m going to go and look at Laura’s instagram account today and then they hear the EXACT thing they needed to hear in order to buy my program. But if you’re only focusing on the money and focusing on the fact that it’s only going to come in in ONE WAY, for example, “I need 5 clients to make this much money” then you’re going to get blocked from all the other ways that the universe wants to send you money. 

This month I randomly had money come in from Monat, a NWM company that I don’t even work for anymore. I had random affiliate money come in. Somebody randomly booked my Air Bnb for the ENTIRE month. Trump is sending me money according to my mom.  I randomly got paid affiliate money from Amazon. I moved out of my villa and into a new one and forgot that I got a $450 deposit back. I received a$582 escrow check in the mai!

 Release the HOW you’re going to make money. That’s the universes job. And then every time you get paid, even if its like $1.00 – act like that dollar is $1,000 because your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference. Be grateful and celebrate everything!

Make a new vision board via Canva and put it as the screensavor to your phone. Even if you only glance at your vision board, your subconscious mind sees that. Everything that I put on my vision board 5 months ago came true.  Visualize what you want for your business in 3 months and have that picture clear in your mind. What you focus on you receive. 


Get your feelings OUT. Everything that you are feeling is VALID! Amber Rae, bestselling author of Wonder Over Worry is hosting a #journalyourfeelings 30 day journal series! You can sign up at:


One thing that really throws off my morning is if I turn off my alarm and immediately start scrolling through Instagram, answering messages from clients, responding to my mom’s 100 What’s App notifications before I’ve even gotten out of bed.

Put your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed, and when you wake up, don’t turn it back on until after your morning routine. 

If you start your day clear, instead of in fear and in comparison of everyone else, the universe sends you inspired thoughts for content, ideas, people feel your energy and are drawn to you. So master your mindset so that you can take thoughtful inspired action that is going to drive results in your business.

Unfollow people who trigger you or don’t inspire you. Even unfollow me if you want! Don’t get stuck in comparison mode or get caught up in all of the noise. You’re on your own path and you have everything you need inside of you to succeed and if you start consuming other people’s content then it may throw you off your path.

I only look at content from multi 7 figure business owners who inspire me because when I look at entrepreneurs content at the same level as me I get triggered and I start to compare myself. Know this: ONLY YOU can teach in your own special way and vibe and there are people out there who need to hear YOUR message. Don’t compare yourself. Just be you and tune out everyone else 

Lastly: Remember to Tune out the news as much as possible. This one is a no-brainer but still needs to be mentioned!

One last thing I did which felt SO GOOD was turn off all of the notifications of my phone. My mail, messages, What’s App, Instagram, Tinder, YOU NAME IT!

That way, when you are working, you won’t be bombarded with notifications and get distracted. How many times have you been working and you see a text message pop up on your phone? No more! It’s time to be productive!

Lastly, plan out your schedule the night before so that you can wake up in the morning with a plan!


When we have done our self care and we are grounded, we are confident, we are committed, and we are certain that we can DO THE DAMN THING, then we can focus on SALES. Sales are important NOW because we need to inject CASH into our business. 


It’s easy to be a leader when things are easy. It’s harder to be a leader when things are shit. But we need to continue to show up and to sell. Make sure that you are still using calls to actions in your Instagram stories – MINIMUM 4 times per week. Are you even inviting people to calls? Don’t forget to SELL!


Value in the form of Instagram lives, freebies, masterclasses, live Q + A’s in a Facebook community, Instagram story mini trainings, emails, all of these work! There isn’t one best way to provide value, so make sure to do what works best for your audience and what works best for you. So me that’s IG mini trainings. For you that might be email or going live. Whatever it is, providing your community with more free value will really create that connection and intimacy your audience is craving.


Keep sharing your clients wins throughout this time! My clients are still making sales during this time, and I am making sure to celebrate with them and share that with my community so that my audience knows that it is possible to continue to grow our businesses during this time.

Keep sharing that social proof!


Again, keep having conversations. Your audience wants to be seen and heard. Intimacy trumps authority ever time, so if you’re spending more time building relationships and connecting on a deeper level, it’s going to pay off. Ask if your audience needs support and guidance. And don’t be afraid to invite them onto a call. 

When we are selling, we’re helping pump more money into the economy. It’s a good thing.  I haven’t heard of any male coaches who aren’t selling because it’s morally “wrong”


There is so much going on right now in the world that is completely out of our control. But when we are trying to control everything, the universe pushes back. It’s time to RELEASE CONTROL.

I’m going to quote the universe has your back on this one. 

“The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength. Separating from love means you deny the presence of a higher power – the presence of the universe. And learn to rely on your own power to feel safe.”

(Meaning that you’re trying to control things.)

The moment you choose to disconnect from the loving presence of the universe, you lose sight of the safety, security, and clear guidance that is otherwise available to u. The moment u realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. Presence of love will always cast out fear. Being in union with the energy of the universe is like an awesome dance where you trust your partner so much that you just surrender to the beat of the music. When you begin to dance with the energy of the universe, your life flows naturally, synchronicity happens, creative solutions abound, and you experience freedom.

“When we surrender to the power of the universe we will also be guided to exactly what we need. synchronicity, guidance, healing, and abundance are available to us all the time. All we need to do is tune into the energy of the universe so we can get into the flow with the supportive loving energy. When we are in alignment, life becomes a happy dream. When we surrender to the power of the universe, we receive miracles.

There is a lot we can’t control right now.  But we can continue to show up. To serve our audience. TO do the inner work and work on ourselves. To spread love. 

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