As much as I love traveling, planning out the journey can be a serious pain! Fortunately, I have discovered some great tricks to making the adventure as seamless as possible. From travel inspo to making sure you’ve got all the essentials, here are some tips and tricks that I couldn’t live without!


First and foremost, let’s talk about travel insurance. This boring topic is often ignored by many travelers who just spent their entire savings on a trip, but it is essential that you be informed of your options.

Far too many travelers believe that their health insurance plan will cover them while traveling, but that’s usually not the case. Most health plans will cover little or no part of healthcare out of their home area. Having an emergency away from home can be extremely devastating to your bank account. It’s not worth the risk, believe me!

A good travel insurance plan will cover lost documents, theft, illnesses before your trip, lost luggage, emergency prescriptions,  and other major issues like natural disasters, terrorism, and civil war.

These things can be awful to have to go through, so travel insurance is a must-have. I’ve been using World Nomad travel insurance.

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As a soon to be full time blogger and traveller I know you need actionable, helpful advice that works.

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