Ronda, Spain Photo Diary

Let me start off by saying that our trip to Ronda began with a little chaos. This was due to the fact that I can be an airhead at times… and I left my purse on the train heading to Malaga. Luckily for me, after some google translating and one super nice man working at the train station, my purse was sent back to the train station in Ronda a couple hours later.


I was so lucky that things worked out! But it also led to me being super nervous and stressed for the first couple hours of our Ronda trip. This is just the nature of traveling… and I have learned to roll with it! SO! Lets get to it! My Ronda, Spain photo diary 🙂


Called the Puente Nuevo, this bridge was first built in 1734, but hastily and collapsed in 1741 killing 50 people. The current bridge took 34 years to build! There is a terrible rumor that civil war era prisoners were thrown to their deaths from the bridge, and written about by Ernest Hemingway in the novel For Whom The Bell Tolls. You decide if it’s true or not!



I was super proud of this outfit – It’s from 12th Tribe! I really didn’t mean to match the city perfectly, but can’t complain!



Can’t get enough of this bridge!



We splurged a little and stayed in this stunning Air BnB with an insane roof and view of the Sierra. 10/10 would recommend!



The roof of our Air BnB



Sierra Mountain Views



Ronda is for walking, seeing, and exploring! We discovered this cute little park while walking around and taking in the sights.




The next morning we woke up and did a hike down the gorge! It felt like I was staring at a scene from Lord of the Rings.



If you’re a climber, there were tons of places for you to climb! We saw a couple of climbers – makes my toes tingle!


The best part about the hike were the giant fig trees… it was the perfect snack and end to our 24 hour stay in Ronda!



Do you ever have moments where “feeling alive” doesn’t even begin to describe how you feel? It’s as if every molecule in your body is vibrantly awake and aware of everything inside and around you… Every feeling and sensation.



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