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3 Mistakes That You Are Making On Your Sales Calls

I used to make all three of these mistakes on my sales calls as I started my business.


I am sure you may be making at least one of them too!


Mistake #1: Not Building Rapport


You need to find at least one commonality with your potential client because this builds likeability and trust. A lot of people like to ask about the weather or where they live but I like to dig deeper! 


One example is a person I was getting on a sales call with had gone to Mexico recently, I found this out by looking through her instagram before the call. So when we got on the call, I asked how her trip to Mexico was and what she did there!


This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes but this is important to aid in breaking down those walls and building that trust so they can open up to you in this call.


Mistake #2: Not Asking Deep Enough Questions


You need to establish authority by asking the right questions for them to realize that you are the person that can help them. These questions have to bring up the pain or frustration of the problems they’re dealing with and that you can solve!


Questions you can ask are:

“How long have you been struggling with this?”

“How does that make you feel?” (how does their problem make them feel)

“What happens if another 6 months go by and you’re still struggling with this same issue?”


You need to understand WHY they really need to solve this problem.


Mistake #3: Justify The Price


When you state the price of your program, you are done selling. This means you try to justify your price but in reality, you just spent the first part of the call selling your program.


Don’t try to tell them “Oh and you’ll get this, this, and this too!” 


Let them hear the price and focus on what you just said!


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