If you’re looking to live and work in Bali, then a co-working space is an excellent option for you to look into! I had never heard of a co-working space before, but once I arrived in Canggu they were all over! After stressing for a week because I couldn’t find reliable Wi-Fi, I was fortunate enough to partner with Outpost, a newer Co-working space in Bali.

What Is A Co-working Space?

A co-working space is a place where digital nomads can work remotely with fast Wi-Fi, strong coffee, and it provides this community of productivity. If you’re ready to ditch the 9-5 grind and want to work in Bali, then joining a co-working space is the best way to get your creative juices flowing.

Bali has some of the best co-working hubs in the world, where you will find other barefoot digital nomads living the nomadic dream! The co-working spaces have a laid-back vibe, you get to network with other successful creatives and entrepreneurs, and there is great coffee and food to keep your energy up!

Outpost Co-working Space | Canggu

Outpost offers both co-working and co-living communities with locations in both Canggu and Ubud. Its founder, David Abraham, describes Outpost as “the coworking space Google would create if they opened in Bali”. I truly believe Outpost lives up to this expectation! After spending one month at the co-working space, I felt as if I was the most productive I had ever been.

The part I loved the most was the sense of community I felt when working here. I experienced so many hiccups when I first arrived in Bali.

  1. My podcast microphone broke
  2. The program I was using to record lectures for my Instagram course stopped working
  3. I just had no idea what I was doing sometimes and felt out of my league trying to launch an online course

Each time a minor hiccup arose, I was met by SO MANY individuals who genuinely wanted to see me succeed and help me! I was lent a pair of headphones to record my lectures, I was taught another program to recored slide decks, and I was taught some cool email marketing hacks and launch strategies for the soft launch of my Instagram course. The community here is unbeatable, and it motivated me to get things done!

The amenities here are also fantastic. I love the comfy desk chairs,  modern, beachy/boho vibe, and bright, open concept. Outpost Canggu was designed by award-winning architect Alexis Dornier. There are also weekly events and workshops to level up your remote experience. Members have power lunches on Wednesdays, and have the opportunity to work out once a month with Nest, a gym down the street.

If you’re building a team or want to run a workshop, there are private rooms and offices you can book, and there are also 5 private Skype rooms.

Co-working in Canggu is great because you are super close to Bali’s best beaches! I love waking up early to work on my business, then heading down to the beach to catch a few faves. Outpost Canggu is located just 5 minutes away from the beach!


Outpost Ubud Co-working Space

Ubud is a digital nomad haven for location-independent professionals looking for a slice of jungle paradise. Rich in yoga and mindfulness, and has a spiritual vibe to it. If you are looking to experience the cultural side of Bali and post up among the rice fields and Balinese temples, then Outpost Ubud is a solid place to do so!

The best part of the co-working space in Ubud is the upstairs balcony that puts on quite a show for sunset! There is nothing like finishing up your work to this view! Ubud also has a packed schedule full of events, talks, meals, and adventures.

Nomad Living

Outpost offers such amazing co-living communities, and I can’t stress enough how great my experience was staying with them for a week. The co-living space is located in the heart of Berawa, just a five minute scooter ride from the co-working space, and offers a communal kitchen and pool. There are 7 rooms here, each equipped with a desk, comfy bed, private bathroom, and air conditioning.

My first day I met two really cool guys with their own businesses, so it was fun chatting with them over a round of drinks in the evening after working at the co-working space all day. Living in Bali is so amazing because you have this amazing opportunity to work on yourself and become a better version of you. You’re surrounded by so many inspiring individuals, amazing food, beautiful beaches, and lots of cool workshops and events! Events I attended included Pinterest, Instagram, and how to launch a 6-figure course!

My Must Haves For Co-working In Bali

  • A bright and open space. I want to look forward to working away from my own place!
  • Stellar Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi can be hit or miss in Bali, and when it’s out, life sucks. Luckily, Outpost has the best Wi-Fi and I have never had any issues!
  • Outlets: I need to be able to charge my laptop and phone!
  • Comfortable and cool environment. This is crucial – if I’m going to be working for hours on end, I need a comfy chair, and a space to relax for when I need a little break. I also can’t work when I’m sitting in a pool of sweat. I need to stay cool!
  • Amazing Coffee. No caption needed.
  • Free water. I hate when some places want you to pay for water refills. I need hydration!

Special Gift From Me

Because I loved staying with Outpost Canggu so much, I have decided to provide you guys with a special discount at checkout!

For a Coliving discount:

Use ‘Travel20’ for a 15% discount on stays over 3 nights at Outpost Coliving in Bali (Canggu and Ubud).

Code is valid for use until May 30, 2019 for dates across ALL of 2019.

For a Coworking Discount:

Use Travel20 for a 20% discount off Canggu coworking memberships:

-Day Pass

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Disclosure: *I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a stay in exchange for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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