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The Best Travel Hashtags To Get You MORE Likes and Follows!

I personally think that the way we use Instagram has changed so much that hashtags aren’t as important as they once were… but they are there, so we should use them! You are 12% more likely to be found if you utilize them correctly.

Instagram recently changed their algorithm, and it has come out that using 30 hashtags is considered “spammy.” I have found that the magic number is 11! You can play around with whatever works for you! It also does not matter if you put the hashtags in the comments or in your caption!

What I recommend is to save four sets of hashtags in your notes and then rotate between these so that you aren’t using the same hashtags over and over. I like to use the app PLANN, and it allows you to save sets of hashtags!

With the growth of Instagram stories, you will definitely want to throw these top travel hashtags into your stories as well, and don’t forget to tag your location. 

I also love finding new and inspiring travel Instagram pages who also are fantastic bloggers! If you need some inspiration, check out this list of the top 50 best travel Instagram accounts who also blog here.

The Best Travel Hashtags

Top Travel Hashtags 2018

  1. @thetravellerslist #thetravellerslist

2.  #travelbff 

Best Travel Hashtags

3. @speechlessplaces #speechlessplaces

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Pink sunrise 💫 via @jessihoffy

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4. #wanderlust_tribe

5. #totravelistolive

6. @everafternomads #everafterhikes

7. #travelnow

8. #travellushes

9. @globelletravels #globelletravels 

10. #aroundtheglobe

Female Travelers

  1. @dametraveler #dametraveler

2. @femmetravel #femmetravel

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📷 @jess.wandering

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3. @travelgirlsgo #travelgirlsgo

4. @wearetravelgirls #wearetravelgirls

5. @girlsabroad #girlsabroad

6. @girlaroundworld #girlaroundworld 

7. @solowomentravel #swtlove

8. @sheisnotlost #sheisnotlost

9. @girlslovetravel #girlslovetravel 

10. @passionpassport #passionpassport

Creative Travel Hashtags & Hashtags For Travel Photography

  1. @creativelive #creativelive

2. @thetravelcreatives #travelcreatives

3. @igvisualcaptures #visualcaptures

4. @createexplore #createexplorediscover @createexploretakeover

5. @createandcapture #createandcapture

6. @eclectic_shotz #eclectic_shotz 

7. @gopro_featured #gopro_featured

8. @creativetones #creativetones

9. @milliondollarvisuals #milliondollarvisuals

10. @sonyimages #sonyimages

*UPDATED* Top Hashtags For Travel

Some of the hashtags above now have over 1 million uses of the tag! The goal here is to be seen, so if you are using hashtags with over 1M views, your photo will be lost within seconds! It is recommended to use hashtags between 6,000-600,000 TOTAL views. Because of this, I have created a FREE ONE HUNDRED hashtag travel pack for you do download below 🙂



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