The Ultimate Thailand Packing List | 2 Weeks

Trying to figure out what to take to Thailand extremely stressful, especially if you are a procrastinator like me! When packing for Thailand, there are so many things to consider – beachwear for the islands, an outfit for the temples, comfy clothes for the long journeys, hiking essentials, tech gear; the list can get daunting!

Below is a Thailand packing list for 2 weeks, including OUTFITS! If you are like me and want to take adorable pictures for your Instagram, but also don’t want to over-pack, this list will be extremely helpful! Packing for Thailand shouldn’t be stressful, so keep reading and get ready for the best trip of your life!

The Ultimate Thailand Packing List | 2 Weeks

 Looking for a Thailand backpack? I used a rolling suitcase for my Thailand trip, which worked completely fine for me and I didn’t mind dragging it around, but I love the idea of a backpack. Helene from Helene in Between has done a lot of research on thisOsprey Porter bag. This bag is great because it:

  • Fits carry on requirements
  • Has TONS of compartments for organizing your tech gear
  • it is comfortable and does not hurt your shoulders

I can’t wait to ask for the Osprey Porter Bag from my mom for my birthday! I had my phone stolen in Phi Phi, but this bag is excellent because you are able to hide your belongings well. Make sure you know your airline carry on weight requirements ahead of time. Shane and I packed carry-on bags, only to realize they were over the weight limit and had to be checked anyways. I’d say that this is the best backpack for Thailand.

What To Wear In Thailand:

The great thing about packing for Thailand is that tropical clothes take up WAY less space! The more swimsuits the merrier!  As far as accessories go, I brought my two favorite James Michelle necklaces, but I would wait until you arrive in Thailand so that you can splurge on cheaper rings and bracelets. Serengetee has the cutest travel accessories (where my Travel More hat is from!)

Thailand Packing List 2 Weeks
I absolutely LOVE James Michelle Jewelry!

Thailand Packing List 2 Weeks


For bottoms I like to follow the rule of two’s! Two pairs of shorts, one dark, one light, two pairs of leggings (for hiking and relaxing), two pairs of comfy shorts, and two maxi skirts. Feel free to bring a pair of jeans along as well –  I love these black jeans from A + F! I also would pack a pair of good tennis shoes for hiking, my Nike Frees were just fine. I brought a pair of black sandals and a pair of brown wrap up sandals to spice up my outfits from Show Po! I also brought two bralettes, a sports bra,  and don’t forget underwear!

Thailand Packing List 2 WeeksThailand Packing List Two WeeksThailand Packing List 2 Weeks


For tops I packed this cute jet lagged tee for all of the long flights from @cocoandpine, and then a couple neutral crops from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 to mix and match. My go to place for shopping for Kimono’s is Tilly’s- they look so cute on the long tail boats! I love getting inspiration from @gypsylovinlightthis blue kimono I found on her Instagram!

Thailand packing list 2 weeksThailand packing list 2 weeks

Thailand Packing List 2 Weeks


My favorite places to get swimsuits are Zaful, Pac Sun, and Target. I may have a slight swim suit obsession, and I brought along 8 pairs, 6 bikinis and 2 one pieces from @boutinela, but they are so small you can pack them in tight. I am absolutely LOVING the high waisted bikini trend right now. The headbands are from Claires!

Thailand Packing List Two Weeks

Zaful top and Boutinela bottoms


If you’re stumped on where to shop, my go-to’s are 12th tribe (a little on the pricey end) Forever 21, Show Po, Mura Boutique, Fortunate One Store and LuLu’s.

Thailand outfit from 12th tribe


DON’T BRING a curling iron or a hair dryer. We stayed in hotels, airbnb’s and hostels and there was always a hair dryer available. I actually never dried my hair once. If you absolutely MUST have a hair dryer, make sure that it is compatible with the voltage in Thailand.


I love when your face is sun kissed because you don’t have to wear as much makeup, but daily SPF is an absolute must. This Stream 2 Sea Sunscreen is reef safe, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the beautiful coral. This skin illuminator from Kiehls works wonders and gives you a great glow for the beach. I also apply my anti-aging Olay ProX hydra firming cream twice per day.  

 .                 .                   


This makeup bag from forever 21 is so cute! I was also able to buy a pack of travel sized containers from F21 to put my lotion, conditioner, shampoo, sunscreen, and makeup remover in. Ulta bronzer, pony tail holders, your favorite mascara, toothbrush and toothbrush covers.

Thailand Packing List Two Weeks

Packing tips for Thailand:

I LOVE to use my bronzer as my eye shadow to give my eyes more definition. This lumi glow illuminator works wonders on my cheekbones when at the beach!

 I lost two pairs of sunglasses and Shane lost ALL pairs, and sunglasses are so cheap in Thailand. If you like to lose sunglasses like me just opt for a cheaper pair.  My favorite Sunnies are Quay (but I lost them…)

Don’t forget : Grab yourself some travel sized deodorant, Q-tips, nail clippers, tweezers, beauty scissors, I couldn’t tell you how many times we needed to open something and needed the beauty scissors.

You don’t need to bring shampoo and conditioner – it was available everywhere we stayed! But if you want to bring conditioner to use to shave your legs, I used it for that!


My boyfriend is in charge of the tech gear, and thank goodness he is a great photographer so I can showcase our travel adventures on my Instagram @travel_tothebeat. His go to camera is the Sony a6000 and he brought both his portrait lens and landscape lense. There were many times we wished we had brought a tripod, and if you are going to be alone it may be a great idea if you need a more steady shot. He also splurged and bought the DJ Mavic Air. THIS backpack was perfect for him and it fits ALL of his tech gear. I like to bring my Insta Camera because the mini polaroid pics are so cute! If you love photography and the fairy string lights people have in their pictures, you can buy them HERE! They make for some really cool shots!

Thailand Packing List 2 Weeks
One of these doesn’t belong

I like to bring my Macbook Air to edit photos in Lightroom and work on my blog , my regular iPhone headphones, and a universal outlet adapter.  I also splurged for our Thailand trip because I knew we were going to be scuba diving and snorkeling, so I bought the Go Pro Hero 6. With Best Buy you are able to put it on a 12 month payment plan when you open up a credit card which was awesome! I also put my MacBook Air on the 12 month payment plan. The color on the Go Pro is AMAZING and it shoots in 4K. I also love the option to switch it to slow motion, and we were able to grab some great time lapses of the sunset. We also got this awesome dome that you attach to the Go Pro to shoot above and below the water footage.


Pro Tip:

THESE JOLTS HAVE SAVED MY LIFE! I don’t know where I would be in life without them. These portable chargers charge right in any outlet, and have the option for android or apple. I actually have bought 3 and don’t even use an iPhone charger anymore. They are the most amazing portable chargers I have ever purchased! You can buy them HERE!

Thailand Travel Essentials:

You want to be careful when drinking the water in Thailand, so its important to have a LifeStraw water bottle that filters out the bacteria. I don’t like to use bug spray with deet, so this spray was perfect for fending off the mosquitoes without the chemicals.  For the beach we brought this quick dry microfiber towel. Our AirBnb’s provided the towels and we only used this a couple times. If you are a light sleeper, ear plugs are a must! We flew with Qatar airways and they provided us with a sleep mask, ear plugs, lotion, comfy socks to change into, and facial towelettes. See if the airline you are flying with provides these items and if not I would definitely purchase a cheap eye mask and some ear plugs. I use THESE and recommend nice ones vs the cheaper throw-aways.


Vitamins/health Etc:

The pharmacies in Thailand are excellent and you can usually get whatever you need over the counter. I like to play it safe – I brought my multi-vitamins with me, as well as activated charcoal which is a great natural remedy to an upset stomach and food poisoning. Hand sanitizer is super important for preventing getting sick. APPLY IT OFTEN! 

For the long flights/ferries/buses

The book Ready Player One made my travel time fly by! I also kept a journal to keep track of our daily activities.

Thailand Packing List Two Weeks

Packing Tips:

Rolling your clothes is major key- it saves TONS of space!

I like to lay all of my clothes out before my trip to see how many outfits I can mix and match. I then plan my outfits out based on the main activities I’ll be doing (temple visit, elephant sanctuary visit, Maya bay tour, nice dinner, etc.)

Don’t forget to buy Travel Insurance! I can’t stress this enough and regretted not purchasing any BIG TIME before my trip. I recommend World Nomads, and you can get a free quote below. You can read more about purchasing travel insurance HERE!


Spending 2 weeks in Thailand? Click here for a detailed guide!

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thailand packing list 2 weeks


thailand packing list 2 weeks

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