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The Ultimate Uluwatu guide

After spending 2 weeks in Canggu getting the hang of my motorbike and my new life in Bali, I decided I wanted to start exploring outside of my little digital nomad haven. Uluwatu stood out to me because of its stunning sunsets and relaxed surf vibe, and I was ready to chill out for a couple of days!


uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

Where Is Uluwatu, Bali?

Uluwatu is located on the southern shores of the Bukit Peninsula near Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. It has plunging cliffs, breathtaking sunsets, epic surfing, and chic beach clubs. There are many beaches to discover here, and from what I experienced, Uluwatu is relatively untouched. My Uluwatu guide will give you a good taste of what you can experience in this relaxed Bali paradise. 

How To Get To Uluwatu

I was lucky enough to have an experienced motorbike driver from Colombia escort me from Canggu to Uluwatu! (My motorbike skills are iffy). Uluwatu is located 45 minutes from the airport. You can rent a motorbike for around 50,000 IDR/day, or have a private taxi or shuttle take you. A taxi from Canggu may cost 350K round trip ($24 USD)

More popular options besides renting a motorbike are the use of Grab and Go Jek, the Indonesian version of Uber or Lyft. I highly recommend these apps as prices are a bit cheaper – but be careful! Taxi drivers in Bali frown upon both Grab and Go Jek, especially around the airport.


Transportation In Uluwatu

Motorbike will be your best option when it comes to getting around in Uluwatu. You can rent one for 50,000 IDR/day. Make sure to check the year of the engine of your motorbike, if it is a 2017 for example, you can sometimes get a deal! There are lots of hills in Uluwatu, so make sure your motorbike is strong enough to make it up the steep climbs, especially if there are two of you with backpacks.

Occasionally we needed to pay for parking, like when we visited the beach club Single Finns. Parking was never more than 5,000 IDR. If you don’t rent a motorbike, you can use Grab or Go Jek – just need to use caution as many places don’t allow these apps to pick you up if you’re in a main tourist spot.

Uluwatu Guide: Top 9 Things To Do In Uluwatu

I spent 3 days in Uluwatu but would have liked to have had more time to explore more of Uluwatu’s pristine beaches! Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do in Uluwatu.

1.) Explore the caves at Tegal Wangi Beach

The sunset I witnessed at Tegal Wangi Beach was one of the most captivating sunsets I’ve ever experienced! I fell in love with the pink and purple hues that I just don’t see back home in the States. To get to the Instagram worthy cave, climb down to the beach and walk about 5 minutes and you should be able to find the cave to the left!

High tide came for us right when the sun started setting, so you just need to be careful not to get stuck in the cave! It did make for some funny shots as I was running out to take a photo and then running back into the cave to not get hit by the waves!

uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com


2.) Sunday’s and Wednesday’s at Single Fin Beach Club

It really blows my mind that all of the shops and restaurants built here aren’t falling down into the ocean, as they are all built right on the edge of a cliff. We went here 2 nights in a row because the music was good and the food was decent too! Single Fin is THE place to be if you like to party! Sundays are usually the best parties with live DJ sets.

3.) Suluban Beach (AKA Blue Point Uluwatu)

Take the stairs all the way down from Single Fin to the beach and you will be find a really cool cave where surfers take their boards out to the ocean. You can eat at a cafe in a cave, and just admire the stunning Limestone formations. It is definitely worth it to climb the steps all the way down! Sunsets are also spectacular, just make sure to bring mosquito repellant as I got eaten alive!uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com


4.) Chill Out on Karma Beach

This pristine beach felt like my own slice of paradise! You have to walk down many steps to get to the bottom, but it is SO worth it! There are paddle-boards for rent, coconuts to sip, and a stunning beach almost all to yourself. There is a road being built down to the beach, so get your a** to this beach before it gets ruined by the tourists!

uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com



5.) Watch a Kecak ‘Fire’ Dance

Although we didn’t get to see one on our visit to Uluwatu, I must say this is one of the coolest things to see and you should absolutely do it! I’ve listed below some options when it comes to purchasing a ticket to one of these cultural events! Uluwatu is an especially exciting place to witness a fire dance because you have the stunning sunset in the background. It is from 6 – 7 PM and costs 100.000 IDR (7 USD) per person. Make sure to buy your ticket early as it will sell out!



6.) Relax At An Uluwatu Spa

When it started to rain, we decided to hit the spa! Laniakea, located in Pecatu, is the best in Uluwatu, but make sure to book early as spots fill up quick!

7.) Check Out The Uluwatu Cliff Temple

This is another must see in Uluwatu! The Pura Luhur Temple is located about 10 minutes from the Bukit, and about 25 from Pecatu. The Balinese believe that this stunning temple protects Bali from the evil sea spirits & that the three divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva become one here. If you walk along the path, some say that you can feel it’s magic! The Uluwatu temple price is 30 IDR.

Beware – I have heard that the monkeys that hang around the area are super mischievous and will steal your belongings! Just be careful 🙂 P.S. There are no drones allowed.

8.) Catch An Uluwatu Sunset at Sunset Point

No trip to Uluwatu is complete without witnessing a sunset from this epic viewpoint! Bean bag chairs, hanging lights, hammocks, and swings set the mood for the magic you witness in the sky. The best spot to witness the sunset is from the bar’s rooftop deck! Sunset point is also a really fun place to chill out with friends and drink a Bingtang, even when the sun isn’t setting.

Other amazing places to watch the sunset in Uluwatu are Bingin Beach and Dreamland beach!


uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

9.) Balangan Viewpoint

I was sick and so I couldn’t hike this viewpoint, but you definitely shouldn’t miss this! The viewpoint shows stunning panoramic views of Balangan beach. It may be busy during sunset, but if you hike earlier in the day there will be less people.


Where To Stay In Uluwatu

There are two main areas to stay in Uluwatu. One is The Bukit and one is The Pecatu. To get from one to the other takes about 20 minutes on Motorbike! I stayed in 3 different spots and had 3 different experiences so I’ll explain below!

Night 1: Mamo Hotel

Our first night was spent at Mamo Hotel in The Bukit. Here, we had easy access to Single Fin Beach Club (literally right down the road!) and were close to Bingin Beach and Thomas Beach. This hotel was cheap and perfect if you plan on partying at Single Fin (and don’t want to drive drunk!) There is also a convenience store right across the street.



If you choose to stay in The Pecatu, you will be close to the most famous luxury resorts in the world along with Omnia Dayclub, Sundays Beach Club, and Oneeighty club at The Edge.


Night 2-3: Boho Hills Bali

This is one of the best places to stay in Uluwatu if you need some R & R! A little off the beaten path, our stay here went beyond our expectations. The design of the space is super chic! The infinity pool overlooks the jungle, the rooms are open concept and come equipped with a jacuzzi and curtains that pull back to reveal the jungle! Breakfast is included – my favorite part was the hot cacao they serve! The staff was also very nice!! If you’re looking to get away, I highly recommend Boho Hills! Here are some photos from our stay! You can check out their Instagram here!



Uluwatu Guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

Night 4: Taste of Bali Hostel

On our way back to Canggu, it started POURING rain!! We decided to set up camp at this hostel and it blew away our expectations!! The staff was so nice, the private rooms were super nice for only $16 on Booking.com and even the hostel beds were spacious!

Breakfast was included and was actually the best breakfast I had in Uluwatu! If you are looking for a cheap stay, I recommend Taste of Bali Hostel!


Best Beaches In Uluwatu

Karma Beach

My favorite beach in Uluwatu is Karma beach because of its crystal clear waters and the fact that not many people know about it, so we had the whole beach to ourself!uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com


Thomas Beach

Another hidden gem is Thomas Beach. To get to this “secret” beach, type in “Thomas Guest House Uluwatu” on Google Maps. It has a handful of small beach bars who sell coconuts and rent paddleboards & surfboards.

If you are looking for the best place to stay near Thomas Beach, then Pink Coco Bali is where you want to stay! Not only is it affordable, but it is also such a cute spot!

uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

Nyang-Nyang Beach

This beach is super secluded because it is super hard to get to!

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is located right in front of the delish Kelly’s Warung! It is a quiet hidden beach that can only be entered via a small alley followed by a 5-minute walk down via the stair. Great for relaxing!

Padang Padang Beach

This beach is perhaps the most crowded post ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but is still perfect for relaxing and sunbathing! Entrance costs 10K IDR, and beware  – there are monkeys!

Best Places To Eat In Uluwatu

Kelly’s Warung

If you love smoothie bowls, then Kelly’s Warung is your spot! Located at Bingin Beach, this casual spot will become your fave, promise!

uluwatu guide | www.traveltothebeat.com

Outside Corner

Wifi in Uluwatu is dicey! Luckily, Outside Corner has stellar wifi! The best part is they have a 50K IDR happy hour main course deal from 5-9 PM and the meals are HUGE! There is a ping pong table and pool table, and hours are until 1 AM.

Ulu Thai Food

Thai food is my favorite and this place hit all of my expectations! I went with the seafood red curry, and my friend had the pork ribs, both fantastic! What made this place super fun was the comfy close to the ground seating.


More Places To Eat In Uluwatu

  • Land’s End Cafe (Vegan)
  • Mango Tree (Mexican)
  • La Baracca (Italian & Pizza)
  • Drifter Cafe (breakfast & coffee)
  • Nalu Bowls (breakfast & bowls)


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